Rainbow Sherbert – adjustable long skirt, repurposed fabrics with side ties and pockets

Rainbow Sherbert Omnioutskirt
“Sherbert is more fun to say but you can still have it as Sorbet”

Decorate your leg stems in rainbows and unbelting sorbet.
Find your breeze in the colors of ease and growth.

Medium size is adjustable, with a tie on each side that can be tied into a bow or knot, to your personalized comfort fitting.

Compound pocket is prepared to secure your pen, pencil, or other creation utensil, alongside a compartment for your secret-holding hand or phone. Mini back pocket mimics smattered patches of squared color.

Thread detailing in white, maroon, green, and yellow. Irregularities in stitching appearance are to be expected, and will not weaken the integrity of the garment. They are part of the charm.

Be free, skip, slide, have fun.

RainbowSorbet 2RainbowSorbet 3RainbowSorbet 4RainbowSorbet 5RainbowSorbet 1


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