ButtonHood – khaki plaid – hood with button closure made from repurposed fabrics

This khaki green hood is a shady head protectant, suitable as a singular accessory, or in addition to another layer of warmth. It is accented with a dark flannel plaid. A pocket on each side can hold a hankie, directions, or a leaf. Smaller pocket is great for a pen or sunglasses.
Actionwear appropriate for anyone!
Made from repurposed materials.

Behold the shoulder! Protect the neck!
Lightweight, comfortable, average fit, suitable for men, women, or children. This particular hood is just a little snug. It will still fit an adult, but would especially work well for youth.

*Avoid consumer waste by supporting recycled products!

Actual color may vary slightly due to lighting, computer screen, and photography settings.
No special care needed in washing.

See more on my Etsy site: www.etsy.com/shop/brainblankets

ButtonHood - khakiplaid 2 ButtonHood - khakiplaid 3 ButtonHood - khakiplaid 4 ButtonHood - khakiplaid 5


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