Brain Bean – Pumpkin Stem – unisex orange and multicolored crochet cap with brim

Simple thoughts can be simply profound. This basic thinking cap is intended to widen your notions into far-reaching appreciation. Be the Huntress of the Harvest. Get what you know is good for you.

Crochet blend of orange, brown, and creamy khaki colors.

All Brain Blankets are made with acrylic yarn in an average adult size, unless otherwise noted.
Most children can comfortably fit into an adult hat, unless they are infants.
Where possible, yarns are sourced second-hand. For example, they may be purchased from knitters who have lost interest in their hobby. It is my goal to consume fewer new products, and responsibly repurpose instead.
Acrylic yarns are my preferred option, as there is less worry about shrinking in the wash.
Wear and Care for your idea insulator: Stitching will soften and loosen slightly with time, washing, and thinking. Machine wash gently or hand wash. Air dry to prevent fuzziness.

Actual color may vary slightly due to lighting, computer screen, and photography settings.

See more in my Etsy shop:


Brain Bean - Pumpkin Vine 5aBrain Bean - Pumpkin Vine 3Brain Bean - Pumpkin Vine 4 Brain Bean - Pumpkin Vine 1



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