Shoulder Shirt – Kenneth – multicolored plaid scarf made from recycled flannel shirt

Shoulder Shirt – soft and warm, earthy scarf upcycled from a multicolored plaid flannel shirt.
White, beige, tan, brick red, and black combine in a print that compliments any complexion or clothing style. Because this material comes from a used/repurposed source, extra patches and stitching are to be expected over the thinner or worn areas, and should be viewed as additional stylistic detailing. An occasional small point of paint or stain may also be seen in the fiber as a result of the clothing’s past life, and is included intentionally to show respect for its integrity.
Final image shows some of the stitching detail.

Classic as plaid, grunge as flannel, soft as pajamas, conscientious as an environmentalist.
Good for men or women, or children. Looks great with a collared coat, or with a casual tee.
Built-in pockets can hold a hand, a hankie, or a wad of leaves.

Behold the shoulder! Protect the neck!
*Avoid consumer waste by supporting recycled products!
No special washing required.

Actual color may vary according to lighting, camera settings, and computer screens.

Find it, or more like it, on Etsy:

Shoulder Shirt - Kenneth 3 Shoulder Shirt - Kenneth 4 Shoulder Shirt - Kenneth 5 Shoulder Shirt - Kenneth 6Shoulder Shirt - Kenneth 1


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