Cotton Gauntlets – unisex plaid wrist wraps made from repurposed material

Cotton Gauntlets – Cabin Plaid
Add style, a strip of accessorization, a crossing of color, and a touch of formality with these side-button wrist wraps in deep country red, blue and cream.

Useful to warm your hands while typing, to cover a tattoo, or to fake a layer like a wrist dickie.
Works well with long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts.

Button at the wrist for a comfortable fit, fold up for a shorter cuffed style, or poke your thumbs through the opening to use as a hand warmer.

Works for any gender. Size large.

*Avoid consumer waste by supporting recycled products!

Actual color may vary slightly due to lighting, computer screen, and photography settings.

See more on Etsy:

Flannel Gauntets - Cabin 1 Flannel Gauntets - Cabin 2 Flannel Gauntets - Cabin 3 Flannel Gauntets - Cabin 4 Flannel Gauntets - Cabin 5


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