Shoulder Shirt – Shelter Brown – plaid scarf upcycled from flannel shirt in browns, infinity style

Shoulder Shirt – soft and warm, lightweight scarf. Material recycled from a flannel shirt.

Classic as plaid, grunge as flannel, conscientious as an environmentalist, punk as you want to be.

Muted brown and beige color combo in a looping infinity style. Wear in one loop or two, possibly three! Looks great dressed up, or with casual comfy clothes.

Behold the shoulder! Protect the neck!

*Avoid consumer waste by supporting recycled products!

No special washing required.

Find more like this on my Etsy site:

Shoulder Shirt - ShelterBrown plaid 2 Shoulder Shirt - ShelterBrown plaid 3 Shoulder Shirt - ShelterBrown plaid 4 Shoulder Shirt - ShelterBrown plaid 5Shoulder Shirt - ShelterBrown plaid 1


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