Shoulder Shirt – Cabin Cotton – plaid scarf upcycled from a shirt, with one pocket

Shoulder Shirt – unisex lightweight scarf upcycled from a quality cotton shirt.
Rich red, blue and cream coloring is classic as plaid in a cabin, grunge as a 90’s flannel, soft as a nightgown, and conscientious as an environmentalist.
Suitable for men or women, or children.
Built-in pocket can hold a dollar, a concert ticket, or directions to a cafe.
Final image shows pocket and blue stitching detail. Imperfections in stitch work are to be expected, and are part of the charm.
Actual color may vary according to lighting, camera settings, and computer screens.
Behold the shoulder! Protect the neck!
*Avoid consumer waste by supporting recycled products!  Find more like this on my Etsy shop:

Shoulder Shirt - CabinCotton 1 Shoulder Shirt - CabinCotton 2 Shoulder Shirt - CabinCotton 3 Shoulder Shirt - CabinCotton 5


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