Dome Dollop – thickskulled warm crochet hat in dark green and pastel blends, unisex

Insulate that skull casing!  This basic beanie is thick, soft, warm, and effective for fending off free radicals in the wind.

All Brain Blankets are made with acrylic yarn in an average adult size, unless otherwise noted.
Most children can comfortably fit into an adult hat, unless they are infants.

Wear and Care for your idea insulator: Stitching will soften and loosen slightly with time, washing, and thinking. Machine wash gently or hand wash. Air dry to prevent fuzziness.

Actual color may vary slightly due to lighting, computer screen, and photography settings.

See more on Etsy:

DollopDome - integreen shag 3 DollopDome - integreen shag 4 DollopDome - integreen shag 5DollopDome - integreen shag2


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