“Three Archways of Occurrence” – a landlord poem

“Three Archways of Occurrence”
– Arches to paths root-crossed to dust –
whether or not we will choose, we must.

There are three paths to choose, if you start from there:
one of Joy, one Ignorance, and one Despair.
Each has dark-robed duck-billed hooded sentinels
of influence that will, (with what they choose to tell
or not to tell you, and whether or not you heed), affect
your choice of paths, as they sometimes intersect,
each with its own foliage and native terrain,
which also spills outside of their domains.
This is how your path selection can confuse:
All will touch, and reach, no matter what you choose.
But flash!, appears the sentinel who’s crowned with leaves
the color of your own hair. It perceives
all your trials and intentions,
sometimes making interventions
(most oft unseen) on your behalf, provoking further pursuit.
Whether to ease or test your will,
it accompanies you still.
So seek your path, and your story. Find your absolute.

The writing process:


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