Trouser Scarf – upcycled unisex scarf made from navy and faded black men’s pants, with two pockets

This trouser scarf was repurposed from the discarded pants of “Uncle Bob”.
Faded black (gray) and navy blue blocks, are combined into an everyday neckerpiece, great for men or women, or children. Faded areas that once covered knees add a comfortable “distressed look”, while still maintaining those permanent creases.

A navy blue pocket at each end is useful for a variety of lightweight carry-ons, such as a hanky, a pen, or an official note. Detailed stitching adds a textured design on the larger pocket.

Use this shoulder shirt as a shawl, an extra layer, or tie it over your head to hold onto your hat!
image image image image

Be classy or be punk in this sturdy worn cotton.

*Avoid consumer waste by supporting recycled products!
Behold the shoulder! Protect the neck!

No special washing instructions.

Find it on Etsy:


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