Hoodscarf – waveline – unisex hood in taupe upcycled shirt with attached lightweight scarf and pockets

Hood is made from the recycled material of a man’s shirt. Pocket at the head is reinforced with beige stitching. Attached scarf is lightweight cotton, printed in wave patterns similar to japanese woodblock prints. Additional taupe pocket with shirt button trim is attached to one side of the scarf.

It can be worn in a numerous variations, hugged around the arms, tossed over the shoulder, or tucked around the neck.
Great as a covering on its own, or as an additional layer with a hat and jacket.

Actionwear appropriate for anyone. Feel like a hero, or just feel gently hooded.
Thin, breezy weight keeps you just warm enough without feeling weighted at the neck.
Excellent for action shots, or romantic concealment.
Behold the shoulder! Protect the neck!

Comfortable, average fit, suitable for men, women, or children.
No special care needed in washing.

Find it on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/202799724/hoodscarf-waveline-unisex-hood-in-taupe?

Hoodscarf - waveline 2 Hoodscarf - waveline 3 Hoodscarf - waveline 4 Hoodscarf - waveline 5


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