Hoodscarf with pocket – Classic movie monsters and dark blue stripes, lightweight unisex accessory

Put on your hood.
Hide out, or venture out in this classic movie monster headcovering with attached scarf in dark blue stripes.
Materials are lightweight cotton, perfect for action swish, sun protection, or an added layer on chillier days. New, and re-purposed fabrics. Detailed white stitching.
Double pocket is a good size for a phone, keys, monocle, or a mini flag.

Behold the shoulder! Protect the neck!
Lightweight, comfortable, average fit, suitable for men, women, or children.

No special care needed in washing.

Available on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/202473722/hoodscarf-with-pocket-classic-movie

Hoodscarf - monsterstripe 2 Hoodscarf - monsterstripe 3 Hoodscarf - monsterstripe 4 Hoodscarf - monsterstripe2


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