Caramel, to Reverse the Spell

Caramel, to Reverse the Spell

The Coriander Man hides his caramels
in a harlequin box, rimmed with jingle bells.
He opens it in afternoons, selecting one gold piece
to tie to and end of string, erecting and releas-
ing it with a balloon tied to the other end.
From the bottom of a berry tree, he gently aims and sends
his gift through branch bend openings to where
the Turmeric Girl lies in her nest, with only her limp hair
visible from below, draped over the lip of her bed.
Unwell, she unwraps her treat and lifts her heavy head.
Every day, her sweetness is replenished in small
doses, until wilted fruits grow back to ball-
shaped berry health. One day, her heartfronds will unfurl
and the Coriander Man will catch the Turmeric Girl
as she glides down from her herb-soft canopy
with balloon skin robes she wove for his harlequin revelry.


Balloon illustration by Orie Rush


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