The Consequence of Cracking Spines

The Royal Bookbinder knelt on two knees,
opened two volumes, and started to plead:
“Read these two books before they unite!
The levitating pages take flight!
When I untie them, they both radiate –
a page from each book at a legible rate.
Cross-referenced, they fuse, and both dissipate,
leaving only what landed in the readers’ brain plates
and the much-minimized book covers’ weight.
The knowledge I’ve chained to my wide-wrist shelf
will teach you to protect yourself,
for I have restrained my rage with these pages,
protecting the villages for ages.
Unbending the books, the weight is released,
my attacking arms are greased!
Study the volumes before I enhance.
Find the spells, speak the chants.
Fend off rage and ignorance.

April 24, 2014


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