• Postcard Collection

    Postcard prints of original artwork.

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  • DomeCap - gray with brim, 2014-10

    DomeCap – gray unisex crochet cap, with brim.

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    Trouser Scarf – upcycled unisex scarf made from navy and faded black men’s pants, with two pockets

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  • Stocking Cap - xmas blend, greenwhite stripes, 3 tassels 4

    Stocking Cap – unisex crochet holiday hat in red, green and white, with three tassels

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  • Pyramid - burgundymagenta2

    Pyramid – crochet hat in deep magenta and plum, with ear flaps and tassel braids. Larger sized.

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  • IMG_6438.JPG

    Haiku love notes – for kissing, and other oral pleasures.

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  • IMG_6436.JPG

    Haikus for the transgendered

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  • IMG_6420.JPG

    “Desperate and Dumb” – a found poem in an old notebook

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  • Neapolitan Pilot - dark blue, brown pockets n trim

    Neapolitan Pilot – blue unisex crochet hat with long ear flaps and pockets

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  • IMG_6416.JPG

    The Enabled Navigator of Viscosity

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